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Light It Up!

posted Jan 9, 2018, 11:01 AM by Lee Barnett
Light It Up! Matt 5:14-16
Jesus said we are the light of the world? What does it mean to shine your light? I think of lanterns and flashlights—or my neighbor’s floodlight. Today I charge you to look a bit deeper at this concept. Light brings up images of protection/safety, warmth, visibility and guidance. Light dispels darkness—this really stood out in a pre-electric society where darkness seemed unstoppable. We need someone to overcome the darkness and the related fear and confusion. This light is Jesus. It plays out as Jesus shining through us. This light cannot be contained or extinguished. This light is so distinctive and powerful that it cannot be overcome.
  A city on a hill cannot be hidden—neither can a Christian!

If we have embraced Jesus and let the Holy Spirit work in us we simply stand out. Our calling is to be different…to seem a bit strange…to stand out…to shine in the dark…to attract attention.

Where does this start? It starts with you and with me. It starts with Christians choosing to live lives that reflect the Light of the World (Jesus). It is not so much that we have to work hard to shine—but just the opposite. If we are Christians then the light WILL shine through us. Jesus’ example is that you have to work hard to HIDE the light (bowl over a lamp). As Christians, His light will shine through us, though the degree of light may vary. Ours is simply to decide to let it shine. So let the light of Jesus be so starkly obvious in us that those around us cannot miss it but rather run to it. This is the calling of ALL Christians.

We must work to become brighter—to be a more powerful witness & minister. It starts with your choice to study and to be prepared to minister in the marketplace. This is not about some idea of professional ministry or clergy but about every believer. Scripture commands us to study—to know God’s Word. Scripture identifies the use of our particular gifts and talents to build up the Body but also to reach into our communities. Our Christian lives must be about more than “church” but about bringing glory to God in every aspect of our lives—about using our workplace as a mission field—about being people of such integrity that it stands out—about dealing with hardship in a way that shows we are different because of Jesus. It’s in how we choose not to panic, lie, cheat, steal, beg, or abuse when life gets hard. When people ask us how or why, we can say because God is my provider, my shelter, my avenger and my protector-- -He is my hope and will take care of me.

So I ask you, what kind of Christian are you going to be? A blown bulb? A dim light that only shows up to those really close by? Or a flood light, a blazing fire for Jesus that everyone can see? A light that shines so bright that people are drawn like moths to a flame? Will you accept this calling? Will you  be a beacon of Christian hope and light to your world?